REVIVE Mobile Blast Cleaning

A professional mobile abrasive blasting service across the UK

REVIVE provides professional mobile abrasive blasting services across the UK from our base in Shropshire. Our equipment is fully mobile and we will come direct to your door.

Our blasting services can be applied to many materials such as wood, brick, concrete, metal and stone. Ask us to be sure your surface or item is viable.

Friendly, knowledgeable staff.
Mobile to your door service, no hassle of logistics.
Safe and efficient restoration of surfaces.

Versatility of blasting ensures highest levels of finish on different materials including wood, brick, concrete, metal and stone


A wide range of items are also suitable from individual parts to entire machines.
































































About REVIVE & Why We are
The Best For the Job

REVIVE was initially born to meet the strict demands of timber frame builders, to provide a high end finish to new build timber framed structures and breathe new life into old beams and barns. Since then we have grown to work with other materials such as brick and steel.

Blasting also known as sand blasting and shot blasting is an economical and fast way to remove all sorts of surface rust, corrosion, dilapidated paintwork and unsightly surface staining and dirt and leaves the surface either finished or ready to take a new finish as specified.